Lots of Planets Out There

Star and planet

The stars like dust have planets like grains of sand:

A new study combines exoplanet data from the Kepler Space Telescope with a new version of a 250-year-old method for determining orbital periods and positions of planets. The research calculates that in our galaxy alone, there could be billions of planets hosting liquid water, habitable conditions and perhaps even life.

There may be more Earth-like planets than grains of sand on all our beaches

Although, I’m sure, none as sweet as home. Allowing for the extra flavoring of a little pollution…

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White Seed

White Seed Publication E-Book Cover 1 400px

The White Seed Brings Life to Worlds

Three thousand years ago, the seeds arrived from Earth on hundreds of worlds. The developed ones formed the Network, connected only by radio and laser. Since the time of the seeds, nothing but information has traveled between the stars. Now a starship, The Child of Ambition, is changing that. Her first mission: to explore the dark worlds, the ones that failed.

Kali Hakoian, pilot-astronaut and war hero, thought landing on the super-Earth of Keto would be routine. The emptiest seed world—its global ocean matted with algae and crawling with hurricanes—hides the oldest human ruins. Her crew of scientists: a dreamer, a believer, and a retired assassin. Their hypothesis—self-termination of the seed base.

But when an act of sabotage strands her in the path of a superstorm, she’s forced to escape with the man she trusts the least. They may never find out what happened to the settlers—unless it happens to them. Can she trust her crew enough to find a way out of the darkness?

What’s Your Book About?

Depending on how you look at it, it’s about 75,000 words or $2.99. Or some misfits, a spaceship, and a robot, you know, doing stuff.

The book extends life! The book expands consciousness! Unlike that irritating video game you’ve been playing, it won’t give you carpal tunnel syndrome.